Publications and Awards

Research Papers

Coulthard, T. J., and Skinner, C. J., 2016. The sensitivity of landscape evolution models to spatial and temporal rainfall resolution. Earth Surface Dynamics Discussions. In Review.

Ramirez, J. A., Lichter, M., Coulthard, T. J., and Skinner C., 2016. Hyper-resolution mapping of regional storm surge and tide flooding: comparison of static and dynamic models. Natural Hazards, 82(1), 571-590

Skinner, C. J., Coulthard, T. J., Parsons, D. R., Ramirez, J. A., Mullen, L., and Manson, S., 2015. Simulating tidal and storm surge hydraulics with a simple 2D inertia based model, in the Humber Estuary, UK. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 155, 126-136

Skinner, C. J., Bellerby, T. J., Greatrex, H., and Grimes, D. I. F., 2015. Hydrological modelling using ensemble satellite rainfall estimates in a sparsely gauged basin: The need for whole-ensemble calibration. Journal of Hydrology, 522, 110-122

Skinner, C. J., 2013. Ensemble-characterisation of satellite rainfall uncertainty and its impacts on the hydrological modelling of a sparsely gauged basin in Western Africa. P.hD Thesis, University of Hull, UK (Externally examined – Prof Paul Bates; Internally examined – Prof Dan Parsons)


Poster Award – Flood and Coastal Erosion Management Network ( Annual Assembly 2015.

One of three awards for posters – awarded for the poster ‘Humber in a Box : Modelling and Visualising Flooding in the Estuary’.

University of Hull Excellency Award for Public Engagement

Awarded for my work with Humber in a Box and Hull Science Festival in 2015

Runner-up Final Year Poster Award @ University of Hull’s Faculty of Science Scholarship Showcase 2012

Runner-up in the Final Year PhD students category for poster showcasing my PhD research

Best Poster @ Department of Geography’s Postgraduate Poster Day 2011

Best Poster award for my poster showcasing my PhD research


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