BSG – Press

In 2016, I took over the role of Press Officer for the British Society for Geomorphology. This is a relatively new role within the Society and one of my first jobs is to establish a strategy for promoting the Society, and Geomorphology in general.

Geomorphology is the science of understanding planetary surfaces and the processes that change them – be it by wind, water, ice, lava or living things. I say planetary surfaces, as though traditionally the science looked at the Earth’s surface, increasingly we are looking a bit further a field. Some of my own research has seen me modelling potential Martian rivers.

The British Society for Geomorphology is a professional body that aims to bring together Geomorphologists from academia, industry or even hobbyists, to support and promote their work. We are affiliated with the Royal Geographical Society.

Geomorphology is important to many major issues facing the UK. Floods change the landscape, changing the course of rivers and moving vast amounts of debris. Storms erode our coastlines and threaten homes. Landslides can be destructive and disruptive. An expert in Geomorphology can provide comment on these topics, and many more, and the British Society for Geomorphology is the place to come find one.

A press release about my role is found here.